Glenwood girls, boys sweep Co-Ed Ram Relays

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

     For what is believed to be the first time in school history,  the Glenwood girls and boys track teams swept the team titles at the Co-Ed Ram Relays.


    The boys racked up 139 points for the team title. Harlan was second with 113 points.
    The girls downed runner-up Atlantic 157 to 118 in the team standings.
    The victory was the Ram boys 11th straight win in a home meet and the fifth consecutive year of winning all of their home meets.
    “We got off to a rough start on the meet but battled back with multiple season bests to overtake Harlan in total team points,” said Glenwood coach Mark Starner.
     Derek Jones earned three gold medals on the day, winning the 400-meters, 400-meter low hurdles and running a leg on the gold medal-winning 4 x400-meter relay.
    Mark Abrams rounded out senior night earning a pair of gold medals in the 1600-meter and the 4 x 400-meter.   
    In all, the boys recorded six second place finishes, four of those coming in as season-best performances by Clayton Giesting in the discus and the 4 x 800-meter, shuttle hurdle and the 4 x 100-meter relays.
     “We're getting better in a lot of events and still trying to tweak our line ups to get the best fit for conference and district meets,” Starner said. “We're not quite there yet, but we'll continue to work hard and give conference and districts our best and go from there.
    “We're happy to mark off one of our season's goals of being undefeated at home. Now we'll move on to accomplish the next goal and that is to go after the conference team title.”
     The Glenwood girls won six gold medals in the team victory.
    “We competed well and the performances were some of the best of the season so far,” said Glenwood girls coach Brad Rasmussen.  “The coaching staff is truly proud of the team and we know they are coming together.  We still have our work cut for us as we are coming towards the championship season. We need to put the right athletes together, technique tuned, hand-offs perfected, but for Monday night the Rams left everything on the track or in the field.”
    Cassie Kruse swept the throwing events, winning both the shot and the discus.
    Kecia Caudill added a win in the 100-meters,  Mercedes Liparoto in the 100-meter hurdles and Lexi Fisher in the 400-meter hurdles.
    The Rams also won gold in the shuttle hurdle relay.

Glenwood Boys Team Results
    1. Glenwood, 139. 2. Harlan, 113. 3. C.B., Abraham Lincoln, 83. 4. St Albert, 71. 5. CB Thomas Jefferson, 46. 6. Shenandoah, 43. 7. Atlantic, 35. 8. Lewis Central, 28.

Glenwood Boys
Top Medal Winners
    High jump – Sixth place, Dane Kruse, 5’4”.
    Long jump – First place, Brady Douma, 19’3.5”.
    Discus – Second place, Clayton Giesting, 150’9”.
    Shot put – Third place, JJ Hahn, 47’10.5”.
    4x800m relay – Second place, Glenwood (Jared Cook, Jonah Strand, Brady Wheeler, James Fuller), 8:20.50.
    3200m run – Fourth place, Jeff Reeve, 10:44.09.
    Shuttle hurdle – Second place, Glenwood (Sam Jameson, Dane Kruse, Kyle Bowden, Mitch Bowden), 59.83.
    100m dash – Fifth place, Levi Henderson, 11.90.
    400m dash – First place, Derek Jones, 49.51.
    4x200m relay – Third place, Glenwood (Spencer Smith, Rhett Turner, Sam Jameson, Grant May), 1:34.51.
    110m hurdles – Second place, Mitch Bowden, 15.72.
    1600m run – First place, Mark Abrams, 4:31.26.
    200m dash – Third place, Grant May, 23.75.
    400m hurdles – First place, Derek Jones, 54.27.
    Distance medley – Fourth place, Glenwood (Rhett Turner, Mitch Bowden, Brady Wheeler, David Barrett), 3:49.49.
    800m run – Second place, James Fuller, 2:04.62.
    4x100m relay – Second place, Glenwood (Grant May, Levi Henderson, Sam Jameson, Rhett Turner), 45.24.
    4x400m relay – First place, Glenwood (Jared Cook, Mark Abrams, Spencer Smith, Derek Jones), 3:28.16.

Glenwood Girls Team Results
    1. Glenwood, 157. 2. Atlantic, 118. 3. Shenandoah, 87. 4. Cb, A Lincoln 84.50. 5. CB Thomas Jefferson, 75.50. 6. St. Albert – CB, 37. 7. Lewis Central, 30.

Glenwood Girls Top
Medal Winners
    High jump – Third place, Hannah McCue, 4’8”.
    Long jump – Second place, Glenwood, 15’3.75”.
    Discus – First place, Cassie Kruse, 98’1”.
    Shot put – First place, Cassie Kruse, 36’7.75”.
    3000m run – Fourth place, Morgan Naughton, 12:25.65.
    4x800m relay – Third place, Glenwood (Morgan Scott, Maddie VanScoy, Carlie Cooper, Lizzy Young), 10:48.45.
    Shuttle hurdle – First place, Glenwood (Lexi Fisher, Devin Jackson, Ashley Konfrst, Mercedes Liparoto), 1:09.63.
    100m dash – First place, Kecia Caudill, 13.17.
    Distance medley – Fourth place, Glenwood (Reiny Ostrander, Hanna Ringsdorf, Hayley Matthews, Bailey Starner), 4:40.30.
    400m dash – Third place, Taylor Yopp, 1:05.08.
    4x200m relay – Second place, Glenwood (Kecia Caudill, Courtney Magnussen, Chelsea Webster, Carlie Cooper), 1:50.06.
    100m hurdles – First place, Mercedes Liparoto, 16.73.
    800m run – Fourth place, Bailey Starner, 2:36.15.
    200m dash – Third place, Sarah Salerno, 28.35.
    400m hurdles – First place, Lexi Fisher, 1:08.93.
    Sprint medley – Fourth place, Glenwood (Reiny Ostrander, Hanna Ringsdorf, Ashley Konfrst, Taylor Yopp), 2:00.83.
    1500m run – Third place, Morgan Naughton, 5:39.41.
    4x100m relay – Second place, Glenwood (Reiny Ostrander, Kecia Caudill, Sarah Salerno, Chelsea Webster), 53.01.
    4x400m relay – Second place, Glenwood (Lexi Fisher, Ashley Konfrst, Hayley Matthews, Bailey Starner), 4:25.75.