Furniture store has been a fixture on Square

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‘Time is right’ for Don Malcom’s retirement

By Joe Foreman, Editor

    A retail fixture on the south side of Glenwood’s Town Square is closing its doors.

    Don’s Furniture and Appliance has served the Glenwood area for more than four decades, but owner Don Malcom said he’s ready for retirement. He hopes to have his merchandise liquidated and the store closed by December.
    “I’ve thought about this for awhile and the time is right,” Malcom said. “After 40-some years, I think I deserve to retire and not worry about what I’m doing.”
    Malcom, a Tabor native, has had ownership interest in the store since 1973 when he was named manager of what was then Mintle’s Furniture and Appliance. The store became Don’s in 1976.
    Prior to running and owning the store, Malcom worked in the appliance industry and was actually making a sales call to the store’s previous owner, the late Howard Mintle, when the idea of joining the business was broached.
    “I had to come in to make a sell to Howard. He said, ‘it would be a lot better situation if you just bought the store,’” Malcom said. “We worked some things out and I came aboard.”
    Malcom initially served as a minority owner in the store, but later took over the entire business from Mintle.
    Despite Glenwood’s proximity to the Omaha metropolitan area, Don’s Furniture has held its own - even against retail giant Nebraska Furniture Mart. Malcom credits a loyal customer base and his store’s commitment to going above and beyond when it comes to customer service.
    “We’ve prided ourselves in the service we’ve given our customers,” he said. “That’s what kept us in business. The Furniture Mart can’t do that. Basically, customer service is what we have to sell and our customers appreciate that service. We’ve had a very loyal customer base.”    
        Linda Washburn, executive director of the Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce, said Malcom and his store are an asset to the community.
    “We were so disappointed to hear that Don’s Furniture will be closing,” Washburn said. “Don has been here for 43 years offering great service, competitive pricing, and long-standing support of the chamber and the business community.  
    “The most daunting challenge facing rural America main street continues to be how to sustain its retail businesses and prevent sales leakage to larger metro areas. It is with great regret to see Don’s Furniture leaving the south side of the Square. We extend our thanks to Don for his many years of business in our area.”
    Malcom said he has no immediate plans for retirement.
    “I’m strictly going to do nothing,” he said.
    The chamber of commerce will recognize Malcom and his store’s contributions to Glenwood at a special coffee being planned for Thursday, Nov. 1.

 Tabor native Don Malcom hopes to have his
furniture and appliance store closed by the first of December. He’s operated the store for more than four decades.