F-M first at Corner Conference meet

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

The Fremont-Mills boys track team entered last Tuesday's Corner Conference Track Meet as the defending champions.

And the Knights left that way for the second straight year after winning nine events and placing second or third in five more. Fremont-Mills ran away from the competition with 136 teams points, 28 points better than runner-up Clarinda Academy.

The Knights' got a double gold medal day from Tym Wood in both the 1,600 and 3,200-meters and individual golds from Dylan Miller (discus), Brandon Herrick (high jump), Jeremiah Fichter (110m hurdles) and Trevan Hetzel (800-meters). Their relay teams earned top finishes in the shuttle hurdle, 4x800-meters and 4x400-meters.

East Mills earned a seventh place finish with a second place finish by its 4x200-meter relay team and third place finished by Nathan Day (200-meters), Charlie Ruff (high jump) and its 4x100-meter relay team.

Corner Conference Meet

Boys Team Results

1. Fremont-Mills, 136. 2. Clarinda Academy, 108.5. 3. Sidney, 65. 4. Villisca, 62. 5. Stanton, 47. 6. Farragut, 45.5. 7. East Mills, 38. 8. Essex, 26. 9. (tie) South Page, Hamburg, 15.

Boys Individual Results

Discus – first place, Dylan Miller, Fremont-Mills, 124' 4". Second place, Skyler Fuller, Farragut, 112' 2", Third place, Jacob Barrett, Sidney, 110' 9". Fourth place, Jacob King, Essex, 109' 6". Fifth place, Lucas Oster, Stanton, 109' 2". Sixth place, Devon Barrett, Sidney, 108' 6".

High jump – first place, Brandon Herrick, Fremont-Mills, 5' 10". Second place, Heath Huntley, Sidney, 5' 8". Third place, Charlie Ruff, East Mills, 5' 4". Fourth place, Clarinda Academy, Daveion Smith, 5' 4". Fifth place, Chris Schaaf , Villisca, 5' 2". Sixth place, Clarinda Academy, Demetrus Moore, 5' 2".

4x800m relay – first place, Fremont Mills, 9:09.91. Second place, Villisca, 9:29.08. Third place, Clarinda Academy, 9:38.03. Fourth place, East Mills, 9:42.62. Fifth place, Stanton, 9:58.06. Sixth place, Hamburg, 10:15.75.

Long jump – first place, Triston Crouch, Sidney, 20' 2". Second place, Heath Huntley, Sidney, 19' 4.75". Third place, Alex Whigham, Stanton, 18' 5.25". Fourth place, Jontae Miller, Clarinda Academy, 18' 3.75". Fifth place, Mitchell Nicholas, Essex, 18' 3.25". Sixth place, Grant Focht, Stanton, 17' 8".

Shot put – first place, Eli Cordon, Villisca, 46' 7.25". Second place, Zach Desormeaux, Fremont-Mills, 44' 4". Third place, Devin Holman, Hamburg, 43' 5.25". Fourth place, Oster, Stanton, 41' 7". Fifth place, Fuller, 41' 1". Sixth place, Mark Beascochea, Clarinda Academy, 39' 3.5".

3200m run – first place, Tym Wood, Fremont-Mills, 10:30.36. Second place, Corey Morrison, Clarinda Academy, 10:56.88. Third place, Manny Salazar, Fremont-Mills, 11.16.64. Fourth place, Casey Cruickshank, Sidney, 11:20.20. Fifth place, Jeremy Booher, Hamburg, 11:53.26. Sixth place, Cole Bumsted, Stanton, 12:05.67.

Shuttle hurdle relay – first place, Fremont-Mills, 1:06.25. Second place, Essex, 1:06.72. Third place, Villisca, 1:07.43. Fourth place, Clarinda Academy, 1:08.27. Fifth place, Stanton, 1:08.62. Sixth place, Farragut, 1:08.84.

100m dash – first place, Akeem Vann, Clarinda Academy, 11:21.0. Second place, John Brown, Clarinda Academy, 11.28.0. Third place, Jacob Wood, Farragut, 11.36.0. Fourth place, Jeremy Oltmanns, Stanton, 11.74. Fifth place, Nathen Day, East Mills, 11.76. Sixth place, Chris Schaaf, Villisca, 11.87.

400m dash – first place, Cody Hardy, Villisca, 54.35. Second place, Russell Hemeter, Farragut, 54.6. Third place, Corey Dow, South Page, 54.71. Fourth place, Miller, Clarinda Academy, 55.84. Fifth place, Trevan Hetzel, Fremont -Mills, 57.58. Sixth place, Morrison, Clarinda Academy, 59.05. 4x200m relay – first place, Clarinda Academy, 1:39.63. Second place, East Mills, 1:39.67. Third place, Sidney, 1:39.94. Fourth place, Villisca, 1:42.93. Fifth place, Stanton, 1:44.42. Sixth place, Fremont-Mills, 1:44.68.

110m hurdles – first place, Jeremiah Fichter, Fremont Mills, 16.65. Second place, Herrick, Fremont-Mills, 16.87. Third place, Tomtavious Montgomery, Clarinda Academy, 17.37. Fourth place, Sawyer Johannes, Villisca, 17.78. Fifth place, Chase Duckett, Essex, 18.18. Sixth place, Marshall Dolch, Villisca, 18.21.

1600m run – first place, Wood, Fremont-Mills, 4:58.41. Second place, Morrison, Clarinda Academy, 5:11.89. Third place, Joey Greiner, Fremont-Mills, 5:15.67. Fourth place, Connor Doege, Clarinda Academy, 5:20.16. Fifth place, Cruickshank, Sidney, 5:26.79. Sixth place, Shayne Larson, Stanton, 5:28.56.

200m dash – first place, Jacob Wood, Farragut, 23.46. Second place, Dow, South Page, 23.63. Third place, Nathan Day, East Mills, 24.1. Fourth place,Taquan Hawkins, Clarinda Academy, 24.12. Fifth place, Alex Herzberg, Villisca, 24.38. Sixth place, Eli Cordon, Villisca, 24.42.

400m hurdles – first place, Hemeter, Farragut, 58.44. Second place, Marcus Birt, Essex, 59.87. Third place, Fichter, Fremont-Mills, 1:03.73. Fourth place, Cameron Focht, Sidney, 1:04.01. Fifth place, Johannes, Villisca, 1:05.77. Sixth place, AJ Scarborough, Fremont-Mills, 1:06.64.

Sprint medley relay – first place, Stanton, 4:04.22. Second place, Fremont Mills, 4:05.06. Third place, Hamburg, 4:18.18. Fourth place, East Mills, 4:22.35. Fifth place, Villisca, 4:27.60. Sixth place, Sidney, 4:27.78.

800m run – first place, Trevan Hetzel, Fremont Mills, 2:14.49. Second place, Morrison, Clarinda Academy, 2:17.15. Third place, Miller, Clarinda Academy, 2:17.29. Fourth place, Cruickshank, Sidney, 2:17.86 . Fifth place, Greig, Villisca, 2:20.65. Sixth place, Dow, South Page, 2:24.12.

4x100m relay – first place, Sidney, 47.61. Second place, Clarinda Academy, 47.78. Third place, East Mills, 47.8. Fourth place, Stanton, 48.68. Fifth place, Essex, 48.72. Sixth place, Villisca, 49.34.

4x400m relay – first place, Fremont-Mills, 3:49.21. Second place, Stanton, 3:49.49. Third place, Villisca, 3:54.43. Fourth place, Clarinda Academy, 3:55.23. Fifth place, East Mills, 4:01.22. Sixth place, Sidney, 4:05.92.