East Mills sweeps Wolverine Relays

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The East Mills boys and girls track team swept the team titles at their own Wolverine Co-Ed Relay last Tuesday in Malvern.

The East Mills boys dominated the field with 164.5 points to runner up Nishnabotna's 117 points. The Wolverines won five events and place second in eight more.

The girls wrapped up five golds of their own and added five more runner-up finishes.

The East Mills boys got gold medals from Jake Bolton (100-meter dash) and its 4x800, 4x200, 4x400 and distance medley relay teams.

Jake Doyle was second in the 1,600 and 3,200-meters.

The Wolverine girls got golds from Shelby Sommerla (3000-meter and 1,500-meter runs), Kara Helbling (200-meter dash) and its 4x100 and 4x200-meter relays.

The Fremont-Mills boys placed fourth at the meet with 66 points.

Earning gold for the Knights was Dallas Franks in the discus and Clayton Wilson in the high jump. Franks had a top throw of 124 feet, 6 1/2 inches and Wilson jumped five feet, five inches.

The Knights also had strong showings in the 4x400-meter relay (third place) and the 4x200-meter relay (fourth place).

The Fremont-Mills girls got gold medals from Corrine Schoening (shot put), and Brandi Ecumenicism (discus) to place fifth as a team.

Wolverine Relays

Boys Team Results

1. East Mills, 164.5. 2. Stanton, 122.5. 3. Nishnabotna, 117. 4. Fremont-Mills, 66. 5. Sidney, 43. 6. Iowa School for the Deaf, 42.

East Mills and Fremont-Mills Top Medal Winners

Shot Put: second place, Dylan Larsen, EM, 43' 3”; third place, Dallas Franks, FM, 39' 1 1/2”.

Discus: first place, Franks, FM, 124' 6 1/2”; sixth place, Jacob Huston, EM, 99' 7 1/2”.

Long Jump: third place, Brandon Clemmons, EM, 17' 10”; sixth place, Clayton Wilson, FM, 16'.

High Jump: first place, Wilson, FM, 5'5”; second place, Charlie Ruff, EM, 5' 4”.

110m High Hurdles: second place, Daniel Duysen, EM, 18.06.

100m Dash: first place, Jake Bolton, EM, 11.47.

4x800m Relay: first place, East Mills, 9:25.02; fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 10:12.62.

200m Dash: third place, Nick Pittman, EM, 24.50; fifth place, Nick Williams, FM, 25.81.

1600m Run: second place, Jake Doyle, EM, 5:20.71. third place, Kevin Herrick, FM, 5:25.83.

4x200m Relay: first place, East Mills, 1:37.04; fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 1:46.48.

400m Dash: fourth place, Luke Schafer, EM, 57.36.

400m Hurdles: third place, Duysen, 1:04.83.

Distance Medley Relay: first place, East Mills, 4:03.68; fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 4:41.25.

800m Run: second place, Ethan Stephens, EM, 2:18.25; third place, Curtin Beem, FM, 2:18.91.

4x100m Relay: second place, East Mills, 45.58; sixth place, Fremont-Mills, 55.43.

4x400m Relay: first place, East Mills, 3:53.83; third place, Fremont-Mills, 3:58.32.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: second place, East Mills, 1:09.71; fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 1:18.02.

3200m Run: second place, Doyle, EM, 11:30.35; sixth place, Kevin Herrick, 12:16.49.

Girls Team Resuls

1. East Mills, 136. 2. Essex, 93. 3. Stanton, 90. 4. Nishnabotna, 81. 5. Fremont-Mills, 62. 6. Treynor JV, 46. 7. South Page, 31. 8. Sidney, 30. 9. Clarinda Academy, 6. 10. Iowa School for the Deaf, 5.

East Mills and Fremont-Mills Top Medal Winners

Shot Put: first place, Corrine Schoening, FM, 32' 9 1/2”; third place, Jensen Duysen, EM, 30' 10 1/2”.

Discus: first place, Brandi Menicucci, FM, 102' 2”.

Long Jump: second place, Kara Helbling, EM, 13' 7 1/2”.

High Jump: second place, Shelby Sommerla, EM, 4' 6”.

3000m Run: first place, Sommerla, EM, 12:50.67.

4x800m Relay: second place, East Mills, 12:16.91; fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 13:00.7.

Shuttle Hurdle Relay: second place, Fremont-Mills, 1:21.25; third place, East Mills, 1:31.47.

Distance Medley Relay: fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 5:29.12.

100m Dash: second place, Amy Walker, EM, 13.81.

4x200m Relay: first place, East Mills, 1:57; third place, Fremont-Mills, 2:06.43.

100m Hurdles: third place, Jordan Jennings, EM, 18.37.

800m Run: sixth place, Michelle Schoening, FM, 3:01.14.

2000m Dash: first place, Helbling, EM, 29.19.

400m Hurdles: second place, Jennings, EM, 1:16.37.

Sprint Medley Relay: second place, Fremont-Mills, 2:13.07.

1500m Run: first place, Sommerla, EM, 5:53.98.

4x100m Relay: first place, East Mills, 55.79; fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 59.87.

4x400m Relay: fifth place, East Mills, 5:21.06; sixth place, Fremont-Mills, 5:23.45.