Dr. Sibley To Retire July 1

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School Superintendent Ready For 'Next Chapter'

By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

Glenwood Community School District Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley has announced he will be retiring from the position he has held since 2001.

Sibley has informed the Glenwood School Board of his intention to retire at the end of the school year and tendered his resignation at Monday's monthly board meeting. Sibley will remain as superintendent through the district's current fiscal year ending on June 30, 2010.

Sibley, 65, said he had been contemplating stepping down for some time and now just seemed like the right time.

“I thought that after I turned 65, that would be the time to be able to retire and start looking at the next chapter,” he said. “For the last several weeks I guess I've been mulling over whether I should stay another year and ultimately I just determined that the time is right. So for a lot of personal reasons I'm just going to retire and starting looking forward to the next chapter.”

Sibley took over the Glenwood superintendent position from interim superintendent Dale Proctor in 2001. Sibley held the superintendent position in the Valley (Neb.) Public Schools prior to coming to Glenwood. In his nine-year tenure in Glenwood the district has shown steady growth during a time when the district has battled financial hurdles that resulted in administration staff downsizing. Sibley also oversaw the district's construction of the new $22 million Glenwood Community High School that opened this fall.

“I'm very proud of what a lot of people did in the years I've been here,” he said. “I don't take a lot of personal credit for it but we did have a very strong board here for a number of years that was very goal-oriented that established some specific goals in my first year here. Very frankly, I feel we've tended to business, so to speak, and got a lot of things done.

“I'm very proud of what's going on in the classrooms and frankly I'm pretty proud of those classrooms as well. We've upgraded the total district's facilities quite a bit and I think student achievement has been the place where we've put the most of our attention throughout the years. Ultimately ours is a people business and I couldn't be prouder of the people we have in the Glenwood Community Schools.”

Sibley didn't rule out returning to administration or teaching, possibly in his home state Nebraska. He does plan to continue living in Glenwood.

“It'll primarily be a retirement out of Iowa,” he said. “But I fully plan on seeking something else to do (in education). I'm going to be looking at some various options in the weeks and months ahead.”

Sibley would like to think he will be leaving the Glenwood School District in as good as shape, if not better, then when he arrived.

“I think my predecessors did tremendous work here,” Sibley said. “This district was an outstanding school district when I came, it had areas where we needed to be able to focus and try to improve and I think we made those improvements.

“But the work of all of my predecessors had gotten us to a very good launching point for that. I guess if I have a legacy at all I'd just like to have been a worthy predecessor to whoever is the next superintendent.”