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District Officials Confident High School Will Open Aug. 26

By Joe Foreman, Editor

A Monday afternoon walk-through tour of the new high school building left Glenwood Community School District officials still feeling confident that the facility will be up and running on Aug. 26, the first day of the 2009-2010 school year.


Four members of the Glenwood Board of Education were joined by about two dozen citizens from the community as they toured the school with GCSD Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley, contractors and architects.

“I don’t think we’ll have any problems at all,” board of education president Theresa Romens said after the tour. We could have a rain storm or something else could happen. I was here on Saturday. I can’t believe the difference in two days what they’ve done. I’m very positive.

“I know the auditorium may not be completed, but we’ve known from Day 1 that the auditorium would be the last thing.”

Although many of the classrooms and offices in the “A” and “B” section of the project are nearing completion, other areas of the school - most notably the cafeteria, kitchen, industrial arts classrooms, music rooms and auditorium - still need substantial work.

Dave Egr, a construction manager for the project’s general contractor, Construction Services, Inc. (CSI), said he’s confident fire safety inspectors will give the building the green light when they visit the facility in August. CSI has requested an inspection by the state fire marshal’s office the week before classes are scheduled to start.

“We’ve asked him to do a final inspection the week of the 17th (August),” Egr said.

Egr said the entire building doesn’t have to be complete for the fire marshal to allow the school to be occupied.

“In A, B and C, the sprinkler systems are all up,” Egr said. “All the systems throughout the building are valved out individually, so you can have certain areas that are operational or functional without having other areas.”

The school auditorium isn’t expected to completed until November.

Sibley said the district is moving forward with plans to start the school year in the new high school. Answering a question from a citizen on the tour, Sibley said no “Plan B” has been formally adopted should the school not be ready for the first day of classes, but several contingencies have been discussed and would be considered should the need arise.