Down To Three

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Three Sites Being Discussed For Interpretive Center

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The site-selection committee for the proposed Loess Hills Archeology Interpretive Center has chosen three pieces of publicly-owned ground in and around Glenwood as possible locations for the educational facility that’s being billed as a future tourist attraction for Mills County.

The three sites being considered are on a piece of land in Foothills Park that’s included in the recently-designated Glenwood State Archeological Preserve, a hilly area in Glenwood Lake Park between the Mills County Historical Museum and a communications tower, and land in West Oak Forest in western Mills County.

Committee spokesman Jerad Getter said approximately 20 sites have received consideration, including buildings on the campus of the Glenwood Resource Center and the former Terry Thomas auto dealership building on the south edge of Glenwood.

“Building a new building and starting from scratch would be the first choice,” Getter said Thursday night during a gathering of volunteers working for the construction of the project.

Project co-chair Wayne Phipps said there’s no doubt in his mind that the interpretive center will become a reality, noting that the committee doesn’t want to see the project “strung out for seven years.”

Phipps said he envisions the interpretive center being a place where people can learn about the Glenwood Culture and the history associated with the Late Prehistoric period earth lodges that canvassed Mills County. A similar center in Mitchell, S.D., attracts between 15,000 and 18,000 visitors annually, Phipps said.