Counterfeit Money Surfaces In Glenwood

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

Federal authorities have joined the Glenwood Police Department in the investigation of counterfeit money being circulated in the Glenwood area.

Glenwood Police Chief Eric Johansen said several counterfeit $20 bills surfaced a couple months ago within the city limits, and a pair of counterfeit $50 bills have been turned over to the police department in recent weeks.
One of the fraudulent $50 bills was  discovered at the Shopko Hometown store in Glenwood. The second bill was reported by an individual, Johansen said.

Johansen advises any person who receives money believed to be counterfeit to contact the Glenwood Police Department at 527-9920 or their local financial institution.

“We’re trying to track down the origin of this money,” Johansen said. “Anyone who comes in contact with money that doesn’t look right, should contact the police department.”