City Weapons Ban

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City Council Passes Resolution Prohibiting Weapons On City Property

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The Glenwood City Council has passed a resolution that prohibits weapons from being brought into a building or onto a property owned, occupied or leased by the city of Glenwood.

    Under the resolution passed unanimously by the council Tuesday, Feb. 8, only persons with a professional permit to carry a weapon (certified law enforcement officers), will be permitted to possess a weapon on city property.
    Prohibited weapons include firearms, daggers, razors, a stiletto, switchblade knife, a knife with a blade exceeding 5 inches in length, a bomb, grenade or any incendiary device.
    According to wording of the resolution, “the City Council of the city of Glenwood believes that prohibition against carrying weapons by nonprofessional permit holders will increase the safety of employees of the city of Glenwood and the members of the public that they serve.”
    Glenwood City Attorney Matt Woods said the resolution is based on a ruling by the State of Iowa Attorney General’s Office.
    “The attorney general says it’s not going to be a constitutional infringement,” Woods said. “The A.G. ruled that cities have the right to regulate weapons on city property. The counties do as well on their property.”
    Woods noted several cities and counties across Iowa have been passing similar legislation to Glenwood’s and business owners in the state already have the same right to prohibit weapons from being brought onto their property.
    A new state law that went into effect in January has made it easier for Iowans to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon, however, even those individuals who have legally obtained a concealed-carry permit through their county sheriff will be prohibited to possess a weapon on city property, Woods said.
    The council’s resolution allows the city to post signs in or upon city property to advise the public of the weapons prohibition. Persons entering city property are subject to a weapons search and violators of the law could be charged with criminal trespassing.
    In addition to city-owned buildings, such as City Hall and the Glenwood Police Station, the weapons ban is also applicable to all city parks, athletic fields, recreational areas and real estate (parking lots) surrounding city-owned property.