City Quiet on Police Officer's Departure

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A special meeting of the Glenwood City Council was cancelled last Thursday after the city received the resignation of police officer Derek Baier.

Baier had been a patrolman on the Glenwood Police force since September 2008.

At the city council’s regular meeting last Tuesday, Oct. 13, Glenwood Police Chief Mike Mercer requested a closed-session meeting with the city council to address a matter involving an employee of the police department. Mercer didn’t mention Baier by name at the meeting, but said the employee was believed to have violated department policy.

Baier submitted his resignation the following day (Wednesday), negating the need for a special council meeting, Glenwood City Administrator Mary Smith said. Both Smith and Mercer declined to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding Baier’s resignation.

“It was a mistake that was made and he made the choice to resign,”

Smith said.

Mercer said he could not discuss details of the situation because it was a personnel issue.

“Derek apparently received his options and tendered his resignation,” Mercer said. “Did he do anything to my knowledge that was criminal? The answer is ‘No.’”

Mercer said Baier had just recently received a bump in pay. He noted that Baier’s departure leaves the department short on staffing.

“We had finally gotten to wear we had pretty good two-man coverage,” Mercer said. “We’re going to make do, but from my standpoint, we are short-handed again.”

Glenwood now has a police force of eight uniformed officers, Mercer said. He intends to seek permission to move forward in hiring a replacement officer at the city council’s next meeting on Oct. 27.

Attempts to reach Baier for comment were unsuccessful. His published telephone number is no longer in service.