City Hall Bid Process Reopened

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

     It’s back to the drawing board for the city of Glenwood when it comes to selecting a general contractor for the first phase of renovations at the former Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints building on the southeast corner of Town Square.
    The building will eventually serve as the new City Hall - housing administrative staff, city council chambers, the Glenwood Municipal Utilities offices and the Glenwood Police Department.
    On April 10, the city council unanimously awarded the first phase of the renovation project to Glenwood-based Pinnacle Construction. Two weeks later, however, the council did an about face and opened the project to bid again at the advice of city attorney Matt Woods.
    Woods, who was not in attendance at the April 10 meeting when Pinnacle was initially awarded the project, said he had concerns about the manner in which the bidding process was carried out and wording the city used in its request for proposals. He noted that because the renovations would cost more than $100,000, state law requires that a public hearing be held to approve the project.  Brian Kissel, the city’s financial director, said the city didn’t conduct a public hearing  before accepting the bids because preliminary estimates from an engineering consultant indicated the project would be well under $100,000. The council conducted a public hearing at its April 24 meeting after deciding to start the bidding process over.
    Pinnacle’s accepted bid for the project was $130,814, higher than the $130,000 bid submitted by Mark Hughes Construction of Glenwood. After lengthy discussion at the April 10 meeting, council members said they felt comfortable going with the higher bid because Pinnacle guaranteed the project would be completed in eight weeks, while Mark Hughes’ submitted time frame called for the work to take 8 - 12 weeks. Council members said they also believe Pinnacle is the more-experienced construction firm when it comes to doing commercial work.
    Kissel said he expects Pinnacle Construction, Mark Hughes Construction and possibly some other firms to submit sealed bids for the project before the council  addresses the matter again at its regular May 8 meeting.