City Awards Library Roof Bid

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By Joe Foreman, Editor

The much-debated roof repair work at the Glenwood Public Library will be completed this summer.

The Glenwood City Council accepted the bid of $97,866 from Omaha-based R.L. Craft Co. at its regular meeting last Tuesday, May 28.

The project includes repairs and replacement of the library’s roof, relocation of three air conditioners from the roof of the library to the ground level and brick restoration work on the outside of the building.

City administer Brian Kissel said the contract with R. L. Craft requires the work be completed at least two weeks prior to Glenwood’s annual homecoming celebration, scheduled for Sept. 20-21 this year.

Other agenda items:

- The council declined to act on a $7,000 request from chamber of commerce representative Sandi Winton, who was seeking the funds from the city to help the installation of a new electrical system around the county courthouse for lighting during the Christmas season and other special activities during the year.

Kissel said Winton estimated the total project cost at $15,762.03. He said Winton has already gathered $4,100 for the project and expects to raise another $1,000 this year.
Mayor Kim Clark voiced concerns that Winton had only submitted one bid for the work (obtained in January). Kissel said the city also has reservations about spending $7,000 for “occasional use” purposes. He said the city will ask Winton to keep the city informed on fundraising progress and the matter could be considered again in the future.

- Resident Duane Kahl approached the council with safety concerns he has with the intersection of Marian and Redbud, east of Glenwood Community High School. He requested a crosswalk be put in place at the intersection.

 “I think it’s become a necessity that you have something there,” Kahl said.
Council members agreed it’s a dangerous intersection and requested the police and public works departments conduct a study of the area and report their findings back to the council.