Burial Costs Going Up

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City Council Approves Glenwood Cemetery Fee Hikes

By Joe Foreman, Editor

The cost of burying a loved one at the Glenwood Cemetery is going up Aug. 1.

Following the recommendation of the Glenwood Cemetery Board,  the city council passed a resolution at its regular meeting last Tuesday, July 9, which establishes new rates for a variety of services at the cemetery, ranging from the opening and closing of graves to cremation and research of lots.

Many of the fees are being increased by around 15-20 percent.

The fee increase is the first in five years at the cemetery.

“With the cost of gas and everything going up, it was needed,” city council member Kay LeFever said.

Under the new rate structure, the cost for opening and closing a grave for a regular burial will be $650 on weekdays and $800 on a weekend. Infant burials will be $450 and $600, cremation burials $400 and $550 and cremation burials in a monument $200 and $500. Several cremation burial add-on options are available.

The cost of purchasing grave space is $600, which includes perpetual care of the site.

Some of the other fees will include $100 for burial set up (tent, chairs and grass), $17 to record a deed and registration, $60 for multiple burials, and $150 for a cremation vault.

Disinterment fees will be $750 for adults, $500 for infants and $425 for ashes.
Lot research with use of an auger will cost $175 for whole lots and $125 for half lots with a minimum charge of $100.

Staking and dirt removal fees will be $40 for an area up to 1-foot by 2-foot and $50 for a larger area.