Auditorium Seat Campaign Almost Finished

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The campaign to raise funds for the new performing arts auditorium in Glenwood Community High School is drawing to a close. The fundraising drive to become a Glenwood Community Performing Arts Center “CHAIRperson” was spearheaded by Gordon Woodrow, former Glenwood high school band director.

The program was designed to raise funds through the purchase of auditorium seats at $250 per seat. “We began the campaign just before construction of the new $21.5 million high school got underway and pushed the campaign pretty hard the first several months,” stated Woodrow. “Because of the construction delays experienced, we have been able to keep the drive going, but have not pushed it as we did early on.”

Now that completion of the auditorium is in sight, the campaign will end, with Oct. 15 being set as the cut-off date.

To date, 160 seats have been purchased for a total of $40,000, said Woodrow. “I have had quite a number of people tell me they still plan on buying a seat, so I’m hoping we sell more before the campaign ends.” Most donations have been for one or two seats, but some organizations and businesses have bought as many as 10, and in one case, 20 seats.

“What people need to understand and what we have always tried to advertise, is that we are not literally selling the seats,” said Woodrow. “The auditorium is designed for 738 seats and we will have 738 seats installed. The seat campaign has been a way for us to raise additional funds to improve the auditorium’s sound system, lighting, or whatever else we feel we may need. We can’t tie a donation name to a specific microphone or lighting fixture, so the seats are a way to recognize the contributions.”

While the rest of the high school facility is now functional and in use, the auditorium is still under construction. The performance venue is scheduled for completion around the end of November. When the auditorium is completed, Woodrow will meet with other individuals who have a direct involvement with the facility and decide how best to use the funds. “We already know we will be needing a new grand piano for the stage, and although a couple of other fundraisers have been held for this, there has not been enough money raised, so we will probably help fund this,” said Woodrow.

Other items such as a sound shell for the stage and additional sound equipment are possible uses for the fund money. “I hope we can raise additional funds before the campaign ends,” said Woodrow, “because I know we will run out of money before we run out of ideas for things to purchase for the auditorium.”

Donors to the seat campaign will be recognized for their contribution. An attractive plaque will be installed in the outer lobby with the names of those who donated, or the names of those whose donation was received ‘in memory of’ or ‘in honor of.’

Anyone wishing to purchase a seat or seats before the Oct. 15 end date can do so by calling Woodrow at 527-3545 or by sending a check made out to “Auditorium Seat Fund” in the amount of $250 per seat to Gordon Woodrow, 301 North Walnut St., Glenwood, IA 51534. Include a note indicating how the recognition is to be listed. All donations are tax deductible and tax donation receipts will be sent to those who contribute.