The Answer To The Editor's Question

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Joe, I enjoyed your editorial “Abortion shouldn’t be only Pro-life Cause” (Joe Foreman column Feb. 13) and I’m going to prove your point by focusing on just one thing. 

First, though, you should talk to the editor about cutting off part of your message. You questioned how someone can call themselves pro-life yet still be for war, death penalty and guns. But, they must have cut off the point about “How someone can hate killing through war, guns, death penalty and physician-assisted suicide while still accepting the abortion of babies?” which by comparison, killed the same number of Americans just last year as all our wars have combined since 1775. And the vast majority of those abortions were for convenience sake. Hopefully, everyone can agree that’s a terrible reason to kill anyone!  This would be like killing children in orphanages because no one in the family wants them and operating funds are low.

To begin to answer your question, the Scripture you used more accurately says “You shall not murder.” Scripture also tells us to care for the mistreated and those in need.  This is why the effort to stop abortions far exceeds all the other life and death actions you list (i.e., war), and rightly so.

As for your suggested “grass roots” movement, I agree with you.  It’s not going to get fixed by the government or even by posts on Facebook. Maybe someday, both sides can agree all murder is a bad thing, including abortion (or at least agree it would be better if there were no abortions), and then come together to end the “need” for them.  And to anyone entangled in abortion, past or present, God loves you and His grace and mercy through faith in Christ Jesus is waiting for you.

Ultimately, Joe, that’s the answer to your question.

Dan Hardcastle,
Frontline Church