Albert asked to resign as Glenwood football coach

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By Joel Stevens, Associate Editor

Glenwood football coach Brian Albert has been asked to resign the coaching position he has held since 2003, said the coach.

Albert confirmed in an interview last Thursday that he was asked to resign by Glenwood Activities Director Scott Arkfeld at a meeting following last fall’s football season.

“They said they wanted to go in a different direction,” said Albert of his conversation with Arkfeld.

When asked if he declined the district’s request to resign, Albert replied: “Absolutely.”

Albert is unsure why he was asked to step down but did say “it would be hard to explain.”

“I assume its about performance,” said Albert. “It isn’t my teaching or discpline because we don’t have any more kids in trouble than any other school and it’s nothing unethical on my part. I think it’s the on-the-field performance.”

Albert declined to elaborate on the specifics of the district’s issues with his coaching.

Albert is 31-58 in 10 total seasons coaching Glenwood. He coached the Rams to their first ever state playoff appearance in 1988, his only winning season as Glenwood’s head coach.

When reached on Thursday, Arkfeld declined an interview request, saying he cannot comment on personnel matters.

If Albert is not retained as coach by the district he may request a meeting with the Glenwood School Board to discuss the matter. Albert said he will request such a meeting if or when the decision is made on his job status.

A letter was sent out earlier this month from the teacher’s union to parents of former and current players on Albert’s behalf. The letter, according to Albert, asks if those parents that received the letter would be willing to speak positively on behalf of the coach.

No meeting has been set between Albert and the school district to discuss his job status.

Albert is a physical education teacher at the high school.

Glenwood Community School District Superintendent Dr. Stan Sibley declined to discuss Albert’s job status. Sibley did say he was also unaware of any letter sent to community members concerning Albert.

Albert returned to head the Glenwood program in 2003 after stops at Wartburg College and Marshalltown. He previously coached the Rams from 1985 to 1988, taking the school to the state playoffs in 1988. He has one winning season in in his 10 years in Glenwood.