4-H news

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Country Cousins
    The Country Cousins 4-H Club met March 12, 2012, at 7 p.m. at Northeast Elementary School.   The meeting was called to order by president, Matt Gunkelman. The pledge to the American flag was led by Katie Lincoln, Adam Clayton and Luke Lambert. The roll call was, “If a Leprechaun was in your room in the middle of the night, what would you do?” and was answered by 37 members. There were five leaders, two guests, and 12 parents present at the meeting. The secretary’s report and the treasurer’s report were approved as given.
    Old business: Rachel Whitehouse reported on several ideas Sarah Hardcastle and she came up with for the Share the Fun Skit. The club voted on a few of the ideas.
    New business: Our club needs new club signs for animal projects to show where our club area is. Nick Frazee volunteered to make club signs for the beef and the sheep project areas. Joe Bryson volunteered to make a club sign for the rabbit project area.
    We were reminded that club members are required to attend four club meetings before they can participate in the fair. Three members were recognized as having attended four meetings and received their green book covers and club T-shirts. Ethan Farmer volunteered to purchase healthy snacks for Northeast Elementary School. The annual Easter egg hunt at the Glenwood Park will be Saturday, April 7. Our club will meet at 9:30 that morning to hide the candy throughout the park. We are also donating $25 for the candy. Additional 4-H information was given from the Mills County Extension 4-H newsletter.
    Luke Lambert gave a presentation on the history and facts about pianos. He also gave a demonstration on how to play the piano. Katie Lincoln gave a presentation on her consumer management comparison of a Kindle versus a Nook. Adam Clayton gave a presentation on an animation project he had made on the computer.
    The meeting was adjourned and the pledge to the 4-H flag was led by Katie Lincoln, Adam Clayton, Luke Lambert and members with March birthdays, which included Audrey Arnold, Danielle Hardcastle, Aaron Bertini, AJ Hughes and Emma Ringsdorf.
    Prior to our meeting, for club recreation we painted and decorated wooden clovers that Nick Frazee had cut from plywood. We will use the clovers to decorate our exhibit booths at the fair.
    Our next meeting will be April 2 at 7 p.m. at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. 
Larissa Tibbles, Reporter

Wabash Wranglers
    The meeting of the Wabash Wranglers was called to order on Sunday March 11, 2012, at the Mineola Luthern Church by president Hannah Sorenson. Role call was taken by Josie Lauridson, secretary. Twenty-one club members were present with an addition of one new member, Bradley Shearer. The treasurer’s report and the secretary’s report were read and approved by the group.
    Old business was reviewed with the reminder that animal ID’s are all on line this year. Community service project was postponed until next meeting because of the absence of the project leader. We finalized our plans for the Loess Hills meal and assigned who will bring what food items and we will meet at First Christian Church for the preparation April 15, 2012. Club T-shirts and sweatshirts were passed out at the meeting.
    New business included some information about Facebook, youth committee meeting, livestock, feeder beef and swine fair information. Reminders about sheep weigh in, goat weigh in, and poultry were also discussed. Lastly a committee was formed to apply for grant money, which will help the club financially. (Committee members: Brad Shearer, Hannah Sorenson, Josie Lauridson and Brandon Bichel, led by Cindi Hals)
    The meeting was adjourned by Hannah Sorenson and the pledge to the 4-H flag was led by Bradley Shearer. One presentation, by Josie Lauridson, talked about how to make smores treats, and she completed her presentation by passing out treats to all club members. Refreshments were provided at the end of the meeting, and a mystery soda taste testing was enjoyed by all members.
    Next meeting will be April 15 at First Christian Church at 1:30 p.m. to prepare for the meal.
Brandon Bichel, reporter
Silver Creek Go-Getters
    The regular meeting of the Silver Creek Go-Getters was called to order by Jessika Lynn at the Malvern Fire Station on March 11, 2012. Roll call “My favorite color of Skittle” was answered by 17 members, two new members, nine guests and two leaders were present. Reporter’s report was read. Treasurer’s report was not given. Molly Rutz and Kendra Myers asked the club to sponsor them for the Miss Teen Iowa Pageant. The club voted to sponsor.     
    The club received a Certificate of Recognition at the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce Banquet for community service projects, Haleigh Bainter and her mom attended. Newsletter highlights were read. A committee of Wyatt and Barb Cheney, Kolton, Keegan, Kameron and Carol Wederquist and Hunter and Connie Jones was named to research the Reach out Iowa Grant and perhaps do the application.
    A supper for parents will be April 1, 5:30 p.m. Food Committee: Dawson Pearce, Zac Halbert and Arthur Maciel. Decor-ations: Taylor Pearce, Ashleigh and Haleigh Bainter. New 4-H T-shirt committee: Jessika Lynn, Kolton Wederquist, Wyatt and Hunter Jones. Presentations were given by Kendra and Kayla on the thyroid. The committees met following the movie. Refreshments were served by the Myers family.         The next meeting of the Silver Creek Go- Getters will be April 1 5:30 p.m. at the Malvern Fire Station.
Reporter Taylor Pearce