• 2 lift chairs, salon chair, ping-pong table, dressed & lighted snowman & Swedish love knots. Call 712-829-2548

  • 2017 Cropland for rent. Ready for beans. In Montgomery Co., Grant Township. T-71-N, R-38-W, Sec. 36, FSA Farm #3741, Tract 1000, 280 acres, CSR 65. Yield 60 BPA. Send info about self, farming experience, input cost for beans & bid to: Faith Farm, Inc. 6900 SW 9th St. Lincoln, NE. 68523 or e-mail: lincolnurbauer@aol. com

  • Miniature corn wagons & a Pioneer log cabin. Please call 712-829-2548

  • Newsprint for packing, art, table covers & other re-uses for sale at the Red Oak Express. Rolls without ink, and inked papers available. Inquire at the Red Oak Express or call 712-623-2566