• Our thanks to Ed and Roxanna Fisher for the use of thier car while John was in Des Moines hospital. Mike, John & Joanna Bloomer; Ernie & Sherry Bloomer; and Rose Bartles.

  • Thank you for all the prayers and concerns during Dean's sickness. Also. a big thank you to the nurses in oncology, to the nurses at Montgomery County Hospital and a special thank you to Dr. Wolff who cared for him. Thank you for the food, money and flowers which was given in memorial. We couldn't live without friends and relatives. The family of Dean Meyer; Kenneth, Nola and Glen.

  • The family of Bill and Daisy Dunn would like to express our gratitude for the many acts of kindness shown to our family over the past year. To Dr. Eric Paulsen and staff, Villisca and Red Oak Ambulance Services, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, Villisca and Red Oak Good Samaritan Societies, we thank you for your excellent care, your time and patience and most of all, your positive, uplifting atmospheres that helped us endure some difficult times. Bill and Daisy were very appreciative of all of you, as were we. To Sandy and the Wolfe Funeral Home staff, we thank you for your services, guidance and words of comfort. We greatly appreciated your help in making each service a true 'celebration of life'. To our family and many friends, near and far, your gestures of support have been so encouraging. We are thankful for each and every one of you and are forever grateful. Sincerely, Dirk & Terri Dunn and family.

  • The family of Marian Skaggs Droegemeier wishes to thank all who sent prayers, cards and memorials for the library. June Skaggs McMahill; James Elmer Skaggs; Dawn Storm; Diann Hammell family; David Storm family; Derren Storm Schmidt family; Daphne Storm Eppinga family.