• Jerry & Jan Darrell would like to thank each & everyone of you for your expression of love and kindness during the loss of our loved one. The flowers, food, cards, gifts & visits are treasured. God Bless you all.

  • Thank you St. Jude and Blessed Virgin Mary for prayers answered. CMB

  • The family of Marjorie Carlson want to thank everyone that took care of Marjorie while in the Stanton Care Center & at MCMH. A special thanks to Dr. Piller for his services. Marvin, Mark and Susan

  • We want to thank everyone for their prayers, get well wishes, etc. during Bernard's hospitalization, days at The Stanton Care Center & since returning home. Father Tom Kunnel & Ken Gross for their visits & communion. Drs. at Internal Medicine, Dr. Grass, nurses, aides & therapists at MCMH. Care givers at The Stanton Care Center & Heartland Home Care R.N.'s, aides & therapists. To our loving family for their support: being with us every step of the way & always there with a helping hand. We truly are blessed. Bernard & Cecilia Bruning

  • WHO WHAT WHEN and Where Trying to contact phine 1000, plays and teaches: piano and organ. Contact Ted, 2295 Pole Road, Creston IA 50801